Papa Sakura

About me. Papa Sakura. AKA Brian.

“Drawing is my passion; painting is my mistress.”  – Me

I came to be in the late 70’s and began spewing artful things from my brain around the mid to late 80’s where my grandmother, a student and teacher of art, took me aside and showed me how to harness my creativity from raw energy into something meaningful and deeply important to me.

I’ve served in two branches of the military, have 3 totally awesome kids that rock my universe and a partner in life that spans eons and galaxies of love for me for which I could never fully express of her significance to me and will spend all of eternity returning the same love to her.

I love most when I see people moved emotionally by my creations, any creations – it must be similar to what God feels when we are so moved by his creations. The fact that someone was affected and felt something by a thing I created shows me that life is more than motions and scripts. Make things, change things, create things, love things, feel things, live through things: Be.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi


2 thoughts on “Papa Sakura

  1. I can say that I know that artist!

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