La Casita Dos in Blythe, California

I didn’t like the view I had when the waitress sat us at our table, but, hey, after waiting for nearly 30 minutes for a table when we were already trying to just get back on the road to complete our trip, I wasn’t going to complain. I tried something new this time; I made the first letter of the journaling an ornate lettering. I’m sure that has some special name to it, but I don’t know what it is. I liked doing that but I think it almost took as much time if not more to come up with them. I definitely have a new appreciation for lettering and type facing.

Stacey has been here before, as you may read in the journaling. We took pictures of this side of the building with it’s logo and mural, then Stacey sent it off to her friend, Jill, who she stopped here with years ago on a similar road trip.

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2 thoughts on “La Casita Dos in Blythe, California

  1. Loving the sketch (as usual), but I have to admit I didn’t even realise that you’d decorated the first letters before I read your entry to it… Hmmm my guess is, if you want those to stand out they have to be a bit bigger, but maybe you don’t want that. Maybe you want them to be a little easteregg in which case they are perfect in size ;)

    • Interesting that you didn’t even see it. I guess not realizing the ornate letters is better than realizing they’re there and not liking them and that being the reason why you realized it in the first place.

      I didn’t want them too big, so I guess I accomplished my goal – thanks for the feedback, K.

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