The Mill Avenue Mill – FINAL


Hayden Flour Mill

I put the finishing touches on my latest piece. It’s a mixture of pen and ink, watercolor, stamps and some light colored pencil for texture in some areas. It would seem from the subjects of my work that I’ve spent a lot of time in Tempe lately. There certainly is a lot to see when one stops to notice it all. I look forward to some central Phoenix sketchcrawls soon; like Chase Field, The Westward Ho and other cool buildings and sights to challenge myself with.

Previous iteration of this post:

Thanks to this artist’s blog that I enjoy visiting, this post gave me an idea. Ildiko wrote the aforementioned post with two versions of the same painting, a kind of versioning of his work. It got me to thinking about how I create my work and that sometimes it takes a while before something is done. The excitement as it nears completion, the desire to post the new work here on the blog, seeing who it touches, inspires or affects: Sometimes waiting for a single piece to finish takes too long! So, I’ve decided to try something new, I’m going to post the works as they are in progress to show the stages of the piece. I hope you enjoy seeing them come to life as I add photos of the pieces stage after stage. This first piece is missing it’s first stage – the pencil. But you can now see it fully inked, waiting for it’s water color wash. I look forward to your feedback. Tell me what you think of the idea and if I should continue this or just post finished pieces.

On December 30th, Stacey, Lillian and I were on our way to Mill Avenue to meet a friend for ice cream. As I drove down the north end of Mill, the street was jam packed with cars and I idled at a red light next to this building; the Mill Avenue Mill. It’s real name is the Hayden Mill. As I idled there next to the historic building, I pulled my iPhone out and snapped off this photo – I knew it’d make a fantastic pen & ink with a water color wash. I hope I don’t screw it up!

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One thought on “The Mill Avenue Mill – FINAL

  1. Oh: I like that work in progress idea – fascinating! (especially since I think most of us are works in progress, but that’s a different story)

    Maybe you would want to do tutorials too? Or this too far out? :D

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