Canteen | Modern Tequila Bar

I’m telling you, I can hardly wait to get my scanner in. Amazon says it’s going to be here by Thursday, but UPS still hasn’t received the package yet. Oh, well. At any rate, I’ll have it soon and my artwork will get an overhaul on here. Things will look a lot better after that.

This is based off a picture I took with my iPhone while at Canteen with Matt. I penciled this drawing in while watching a football game on a big screen in front of us. It’s not a replica of the photo because I just wanted to sketch the idea and personally, and as a first, I like my brain’s idea of the picture more than the picture itself. While Matt’s blog may not have much going on yet (it’s brand spankin’ new!), we still got the domains pointed right and it’s up for the time being.

I hope you enjoy this sketch – a quick one to follow up the Casey Moore’s Oyster House post.

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2 thoughts on “Canteen | Modern Tequila Bar

  1. Cute I love it (oh and I really want an orange slice with cinnamon powder now – is that strange?)


    • Thx, K. The orange slice with cinnamon was pretty incredible. Never would have thought of it. And the tequila barely even needed the chaser wedge. Smooth… It was a great afternoon.

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