The Mill Avenue Mill

Thanks to this artist’s blog that I enjoy visiting, this post gave me an idea. Ildiko wrote the aforementioned post with two versions of the same painting, a kind of versioning of his work. It got me to thinking about how I create my work and that sometimes it takes a while before something is done. The excitement as it nears completion, the desire to post the new work here on the blog, seeing who it touches, inspires or affects: Sometimes waiting for a single piece to finish takes too long! So, I’ve decided to try something new, I’m going to post the works as they are in progress to show the stages of the piece. I hope you enjoy seeing them come to life as I add photos of the pieces stage after stage. This first piece is missing it’s first stage – the pencil. But you can now see it fully inked, waiting for it’s water color wash. I look forward to your feedback. Tell me what you think of the idea and if I should continue this or just post finished pieces.

On December 30th, Stacey, Lillian and I were on our way to Mill Avenue to meet a friend for ice cream. As I drove down the north end of Mill, the street was jam packed with cars and I idled at a red light next to this building; the Mill Avenue Mill. It’s real name is the Hayden Mill. As I idled there next to the historic building, I pulled my iPhone out and snapped off this photo – I knew it’d make a fantastic pen & ink with a water color wash. I hope I don’t screw it up!

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5 thoughts on “The Mill Avenue Mill

  1. very pretty at this stage

  2. kianys on said:

    Hey there: There are numerous awards waiting for you on my site :) Not relevant to this post, I know, but it’s way past my bed time on a school night, so I should be forgiven, right?!

    ;) K.

    • Numerous awards waiting for me on your site?? lol

      You’re crazy! I love the way you were all “I’m too tired to take another one of your damn awards!! I’m making my own rulez!!!” and changed things up. That was hilarious! lol

      I was on your site today; enjoyed today’s post, but didn’t see anything regarding my blog.

      Nothing to forgive; go to sleep, child. Rest fast and sleep well. Chat more later.

      • Ha ha – I love those little chain-letter-girls-scout-badge-awards: They look nicely on the right side of the blog. ;)

        Yeah, I mean, if you write a lot and you start knowing some other writers, they just tend to pile up on you. I love the recognition, don’t get me wrong, but after a while you really don’t know what to say ;)

        I think I have four awards out there, that you don’t have yet (KreativBlogger, Awesome BLogger – abc, TellMeAboutYourself and 7×7 Links) – so you could collect them now and just bundle them in once acceptance speech – I have found this to make it easier ;)

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