Rewarding Change and Growth – Versatile Blogger Award

I love to see change and growth – both in myself and in others. I can’t exactly pinpoint why it is that it speaks to me so much, but for one reason or another, watching someone move into a more enlightened state seems to give me great satisfaction. As if I can see what they’re coming to and share in the ‘Ahhh…’ moment with them.

Not really understanding what the criteria is for a nomination to the Versatile Blogger Award, I am making my own rules – we seem to think it’s okay to do such things, and we should, because after all, SOMEONE has to create the rules. Even if one of the rules is to not have any in the first place. My rules for nomination are simply this:

  1. Show growth or change in your blog.

That’s it. If by reading your posts, I can identify that you are experiencing or giving away positive growth and/or change, then I believe you qualify for such a nomination. If I’m wrong, then you may sue my pants off. I’ll just buy another pair. Maybe get a bit of a tan until I get said second pair. Besides, you may need pants more than I do.

Here are the four guidelines:

  1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 15 or 20.
  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Firstly – Please allow me to thank my nominator(s). I was first nominated, of sorts, by my loving sister, Tana of The Privileged Contrarian. I wasn’t sure if it was just a mention or an actual nomination, as we discussed, because i think she kinda forgot to put in the nomination title… but she said to take it how you like. Let me tell you how happy I was to find my blog named/nominated there – and the traffic to my blog that ensued as a result, which then brought me to my grateful nomination by kianys of 30 Years of Growing Pains, these simple nominations – these flattering affects of networking in our wonderful little blogosphere – has led me to some of the greatest blogs I’ve read ever. I’m so very glad to have been apart of this process. So, thank you again, and again, thank you!

Secondly – 7 things about me:

  1. Expression is paramount. In a life of 30+ years where expressing myself has created a fear and anxiety of nonacceptance and potential permanently damaging and painful rejection, I have come to a place where, slowly over time and most recently, by and largely, almost obnoxiously so, I will express myself in spite of you. I used to think “I hope I don’t offend you” to “I don’t give a damn” to now where I try to find a balance (as the good Libra I am).
  2. If it weren’t for the fact that I find the female sex of our species most satisfying relationally and sexually, I would probably be classified as gay. A few examples: I love women’s shoe shopping (once spent hours fetching shoes in a single store for my love, Stacey to try on, fitting them on her foot and admiring the artistry of the shoe). I enjoy watching a good game, but don’t follow sports – the social aspect of getting together over a game is more important to me. I know colors (probably more because I’m an artist) like rouge, teal and perrywinkle. I worry whether my tie coordinates properly with my button down and slacks. I know the differences between eye liner and eye shadow. And probably most alarming: Foreplay and cuddling is more important to me than sex.
  3. 3 is my number of balance. 1234 is my favorite number. Orange is my favorite color. I favor dogs over any other pet, but the hummingbird is my favorite bird.
  4. I’ve struggled with suicidal ideation since I was about 15. Something that I believe can be more dangerous than suicidal tendencies because of their sneaky and often dismissive meanderings through one’s mind. But that’s just my opinion.
  5. I am a Libra to the letter. I yearn for justice and balance, but sway with the wind at times. I’m passionate about anything I believe in. I’m a very committed friend and partner. Loyalty is important to me. I’ll fly a flag symbolically, but only if I’m going to back it 100%.
  6. I spent the summer before my oldest child was born swimming in the ocean off Boca Raton every morning before work.
  7.  I have severe hearing loss from the military that affects my relationships on a daily basis. When someone thanks me for my sacrifice of serving my country, I have come to feel that what they really are thanking me for are the sacrifices that I endure on a daily basis because of how the military has affected my life. Missing a simple word from a sentence or thinking one thing was said when it really was something totally different can really screw up your day. The military was fun. Traveling places, blowing shit up, getting a weapon issued to me. Awesome! Dealing with pain in my knee after multiple surgeries and getting in arguments with loved ones because I misheard them. Not awesome!

Thirdly – Here are some (as many as I could, close enough to 15 or 20) of my nominations:

  1. My unofficial sketchbook journalism started with this man, Tommy Kane. He is, indeed, the inspiration that got me to draw and express the way I love so much – through writing and drawing in multiple mediums. I know he, by far, has received much bigger and better awards
  2. I dislike “giving back” an award simply because it was given from that person – it’s too fair, and honestly, life isn’t fair. So this nominated blog along with the next nomination should be prefaced by saying they earned their nominations for the very posts I am linking to them. Tana and I recently (in the past year+) have reconciled our life-long sibling relationship into what is now a beautifully blossoming experience that I hold dear to my heart. I love my sister with all my heart. This post at The Privileged Contrarian describes the growth I’ve experienced from and with her.
  3. I love how you put meaningful and thought provoking quotes before every post at 30 Years of Growing Pains, kianys. Thank you for your inspiration and exposure to what I believe to have read is the real you. That takes guts! I’ve seen and read about your family and the things that tick in you.
  4. Danny Gregory is a most talented artist whose work I very much admire and a father where this post alone would have me nominate his blog based on my made up criteria.
  5. The art by ildiko_deak is beautiful and inspiring watercolors. His use of the medium has helped shape my growth in waters, and to this artist, I am grateful.
  6. From January 3rd’s post, I quote Laura Davies out of context: “The first is that I do need to learn to be more comfortable with myself” and “To continue to let my human conditions shape my inspiration.” – that in and of itself is an inspiring feat to undertake! I applaud her ability to express herself in her drawings, then write about them so seemingly effortlessly, without apparent regard to what others may judge her by.
  7. This blog keeps me drawing. It’s humble approach to others’ work and showcasing them on the blog keeps my fingers busy with pens and pencils and brushes.
  8. Another blog of artistic inspiration: Beautiful Hello. Hello is a special word for my partner, Stacey and me. That Lionel Richie song, Hello, is one of our songs, so we say hello to one another with different meanings. So, this blog attracted my attention right off the bat. Then I saw the features in the posts and was inspired! Love reading the new posts by this blogger. Emily Jeffords creates beautiful artwork.
  9. Lastly, I love to go pantone! The further back I go on this blog, the more beauty I find. Inspiring photographs (love this set, reminds me of Furious Ideas), great and geeky gadgets and beautiful artwork – from drawings to paintings to creations in general. I love browsing this site.
There are many blogs I frequent, but these are ones that I can say unequivocally inspire change and growth, in the least for me personally.

Fourthly – Contacted!

P.S. For those of you whom I nominated, your recent spike in your daily stats are probably most notably my doings as I shuffled all over your sites looking for those posts read in the past to link within this one (especially gopantone).

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8 thoughts on “Rewarding Change and Growth – Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I keep learning new things about you and while I could perceive that as sad because I should have already known, in a perfect world, instead I choose to think, “How cool.” Because there is no such thing as a perfect world anyway.

    We share in common #2 (the shoes bit), #3 (the dog and bird bit), and #4. Hmmm. Love you.

    • I’m so grateful for you, your writing and our relationship. And I’m very glad to know you keep learning about me – I, too, want to learn more about you.

      P.S. We need to talk, it’s been a while since we talked on the phone. Dad reminded me of this when I talked with him today on the phone. Nothing particular in mind, just to have a chat.

  2. kianys on said:

    Right, remember when I said I have mastered the art of incoherent ramblings? Well maybe you don’t and maybe I didn’t say it exactly like that, but that doesn’t make it less true in any way.

    Especially, when I really don’t know how to say “Thank You”, because somehow that seems overused and thus devoid of actual deep felt gratitude and meaning. But because this is your home and not mine, I will try not to muddle it up to much with all my spluttering words.

    Phew – so Thank you, Papa Sakura – Thank you for the re-awarding this to me, it really means a lot. Not just because it’s always sweet to be recognised amongst others, but also because I absolutely adore your criteria of growth and change and am thrilled to fit in them.

    I am nothing on my blog if not honest. Obviously this means my subjective honesty, which doesn’t always have to reflect the objective honesty, but this is (after all) my story and not a history book.

    The thing that resonated most with me in your 7 random facts, is that you are a libra. Probably because so am I and eventhough I don’t really believe in astrology I do recognize myself in many trades you have listed (except maybe the artistic part, trust me I’ve tried every medium you can get your hand on, there just nothing there) ;)

    Okay this is getting long and longer and I promised not to do this to you, so two quick last notes:

    1) I’ll check out all your nominations because I am always on the look-out for good new reads – thanks for pointing me in these directions :)

    2) I was touched by your description of sacrifice in the military. I will thank you for your service and your sacrifice, but I’ll thank you even more for your honesty in talking about the “aftermath” – I appreciate it. Greatly.

    Thank You (for all the above reasons)

    :) K.

    • It laborious for me to express myself in writing. I love doing it, but it’s draining. It does not come to me as naturally as it does my sister. So, usually when I complete a piece of expression and it’s done in writing, it usually means a lot to me and it’s something I secretly cherish. I say this to make a point – PLEASE, I enjoy your writing enough to nominate your blog, let alone read it, so please don’t feel you have to not muddle up my home with your sputtering words! I welcome you here, so sputter away – give me something to read, woman!! :)

  3. I am bowled over by the eloquence of your criteria for this nomination. And I am honored to have my blog included among the fascinating picks you have made. I already love your art (and your grandmother!!!). Now I have a picture of you, the human being, behind the blog. I promise to do my best to reflect all of the above when I put together my post on the nomination (as soon as humanly possible). Thank you so much.

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  5. Hello again – My Versatile Blogger selections etc are now up on my website at Thank you again, so much.

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