Busy time of year

I’m not sketching/painting/creating daily right now. Tis this season to be too busy to do anything productive for yourself, but I’m certainly not complaining. I’ve actually been doing some createful things of late – but because they’re part of a Christmas gift for my partner in crime life love (and I don’t want her browsing my blog and seeing it before I give them to her), those things will have to wait.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my workspace and some of the more common things I work with. Pictured in my sketchbook is Little Leon, a character a friend of mine and I are developing for some children’s stories she’s written. More on that later, too.

I envision 2012 to be a much more productive period for posting art – so stay tuned!

Thank you for browsing my works,
Papa Sakura

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One thought on “Busy time of year

  1. Looks great! An artist’s creative work space. Cool, as we said in the “60’s. :<!

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