Father and Daughter

This is a photo of my first born, Lillian, sleeping with me only a few days old. She’s going to be ten very soon! My, how time has flown by…

This photographed poorly. I really need that scanner!! Maybe after the holidays and the finances settle down. The angle at which is was photographed is pretty bad, gives the drawn perspective a slant. Said scanner will do me well, too, when I get my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project I entered.

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4 thoughts on “Father and Daughter

  1. Looks great to me! Yes how time does fly. Keep up the drawing, you are doing “most excellent”.

  2. Getting MUCH better try a sketch with the purple pencil and tracing paper, see how loose you can be. I will hopefully finish one up by this weekend….

    • Matt! I can’t wait to show you one of my latests. I’m going to try to put some water color to it tonight. I used the (freakin’ awesome) purple pencil then went over it in the pen. It’s beautiful. Now for color…

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