2 Minutes Sketch Exercises

The pose I arranged the subjects in wasn’t my ideal pose for a family, in as much as it was a statement to commercialization of the family unit. Let me explain: Never have I sat in a chair with my baby on my lap with my girls around me and significant other standing behind me, honoring me or whatever you want to call it. This is one of those, IMHO, dumb portrait poses you get from JCPenney or Sears Studio created to make it look like something that the family is not. Wow – I think I just dumped a bunch of my psyche out there for someone to analyze. Well, it’s true, I’m crazy. lol

I used to be all too often guilty of blowing my top with my kids, crushing their little souls, behaving like a gorilla – all over something stupid like ‘spilled milk’. I have gotten much better :)

Have you ever wondered about the saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk“? I have a pretty good idea that it’s because a kid would cry after spilling his or her milk. By why? I’m sure they’re not mourning the loss of their glass of creamy frothy goodness – no, I believe their crying is more in response to the reaction of the parents for having spilled said milk. Perhaps the saying should be, “Don’t crush your children when they spill their milk“, but that doesn’t flow as well.

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