Tears of a Widow in Georgia

Type: “I saw this photo essay on the Internet of the Russian invasion of Georgia and Roza Injgia was photographed, newly-widowed, standing next to her husband Meria’s, suit laid out accross his bed; as if he were lying in it taking a rest. She seemed so worn out – undoubtedly due to a life of running from war after war. The apartment she was pictured in was their home of fifteen years: They came to Georgia seeking refuge from the Georgian-Abkhazian War back in 1993.

Running for their lives from one war would ironically and tragically cost Meira’s life in another war.

Tears of a Widow in Georgia”

Roza Injgia mourns as she sits next to her 69-year-old husband Meira Injgia's bed in their bombed apartment building in Senaki August 20, 2008. Meira Injgia died last week during a Russian attack on their apartment which they settled after they fled from their town in Abkhazia during the Georgian-Abkhazian war in 1993. NATO's move to curtail regular contacts with Russia over its behaviour in Georgia will rob both sides of a vital channel for security cooperation -- but Moscow is in no mood to pay much heed for now.

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